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Frontline Medical Ltd - Terms and Conditions
Frontline Medical Ltd staff will always conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times, working with your event personnel to make your event as safe and enjoyable as possible for all concerned.
No other medical provider will be on site by our appointment, only Frontline Medical Ltd, with the exception of the local Ambulance Service if called to assist (if required) by Frontline Medical Ltd staff.  We would request that security staff on site check all medical personnel and escort anyone from the site who is trying to gain access to the event without the correct identification or without explicit instruction from Frontline Medical Ltd staff that are already on site.  If you have any doubts or concerns, please contact the staff on site to clarify before permitting entry to anyone.
All qualified staff will be fully equipped, licensed (where necessary), HPC or IHCD accredited (where applicable) and CRB checked.  All Frontline Medical Staff will carry photo identification when working at the event and will have it displayed at all times.

Payments are due strictly by the dates agreed at the time of booking - or by NO LATER than the end of the event.

All invoices, payments and dates due as stated on any invoices are subject to the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1988 as amended by the Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2013
Credit/Debit Card Payments:
We accept most forms of Credit and Debit cards, including Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard and American Express.  All card payments will incur a handling fee of 2.5% which is based on the charges we are charged by the Card Handling Providers.
Any cheques payments must be made out to Frontline Medical Ltd.

Cancellation by Client
We reserve the right to charge cancellation fees for late notice as follows:

Bookings cancelled, in writing (or email), by the client become liable for the following charges:
- 21 days or more notice - full refund
- 14 days or more notice - 25% of total cost
- 7 days or more notice - 50% of total cost
- Less than 7 days notice - 75% of total cost
- Less than 36 hours notice - Full amount payable
Written confirmation must be specific as to which course is being cancelled – to avoid any misunderstanding.
Medical Staff Substitution
Frontline Medical Ltd reserve the right to substitute any member of staff for the event providing that we ensure that all staff provided are at the minimum qualification required for the event.  We are aware of the requirements of certain events having a particular level of medical qualification and will never substitute for a lower level of qualification than is required.

Martial Arts and Contact Sports Events
Frontline Medical Ltd will conduct a stringent pre-fight assessment on all combatants prior to the competition.  If we find that a combatant is, in our opinion, not fit to participate in the event, we will give them 3 attempts to pass the assessment.  Failure of all 3 attempts will result in the combatant being refused to compete.  Whilst we understand that combatants may have trained for a long time for the event, and there will be a financial loss for them to pull out, we must stress that this will only be in extreme cases and is for the well-being and safety of the combatants.  
Frontline Medical Ltd use their own assessment forms and these will be filled in by the respective combatants or their guardians (in the event of the combatant being under the age of 16) and they will be kept by Frontline Medical Ltd unless requested by the event organiser at the end of the event.  All medical assessment forms and medical assessments must be completed in full before the event starts - we cannot leave the ringside to conduct medical assessments once the event has started.  All assessment forms will be kept by medical staff during the event in case of any treatment required.
Medical staff will require access to all areas on site, as they are there to provide medical assistance to not only event participants, but to also provide medical aid to the public at the event in the event of an injury or collapse on site.
In the event of combatants being injured, Frontline Medical Ltd staff will take FULL control and request that all persons are kept out of the ring or cage.  This is paramount to giving medical intervention without being hindered by other people in the close vicinity.  This will be announced in any rules meetings that Frontline Medical Ltd staff must take priority over anyone in the event of injuries or illness.  Medical staff may request the use of security staff to prevent others entering the area where they are treating a person, and may also ask for assistance in moving through crowds.
The Referee has total control within the ring or cage.  If anyone inside the ring or cage is injured, he/she will hand over to the medical staff for diagnosis and treatment.  Should the medical staff decide that the person is medically unsafe to continue, they will inform the Referee, who will then infirm all other parties.  This is for the safety of the combatants’ - and this MUST take priority.  Frontline Medical Ltd will not tolerate any form of abuse, whether verbal or physical, resulting from any decision made.  Should anyone continue to abuse the medical staff, they will be reported to the security staff, who will remove the offenders from the site.
We will need access to a landline telephone, where installed, as a contact method for Emergency Services (i.e. Ambulance Service) in the case of the event being held in an area of poor mobile telephone signal.  Please ensure you have adequate contact methods available.

All Events
Frontline Medical Ltd will require parking as near to their site as possible - as they may carry vital equipment and/or drugs which will be kept secure.  Emergency vehicle access will also be required at all times.  All Frontline Medical Ltd vehicles will carry a laminate in the front windscreen identifying them, with a name and contact number for the driver should there be a need.
Staff will require food and drinks at the event - and the provision of such will be part of any financial arrangement.

Final Statement
Should there be any misunderstanding between the supplier (Frontline Medical Ltd) and the client, then we refer to the Terms and Conditions as stated above.


With a combined experience of over 60 years, the team are highly experienced in covering boxing, martial arts, outdoor sporting events, festivals and medical event cover in arenas, concert halls and theatres.


Lynefield House, Lynefield Park
Ashington, NE63 9YH
Tel: +44 (0) 333 5777 112
24hr Emergency: +44 (0) 705 020 2847
Email: info@frontlinemedical.co.uk

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